Monday, 8 May 2017


In today's fast running world , being stressed is so common that even a student of preschool is stressed about his/her friends and marks. It is not new that in student's life stress is quite customary. maybe it is exams that gives them anxiety or some curricular tasks which make them tensed.

At present the world is changing and progressing with the speed of light, which has also increased competitions in all fields. A student of this generation has to compete from the very start, all these competition in turn leads to stress and anxiety; which are in no case good for a person's physical, psychological or sociological well being.

Medical science has shown how the major cause for some of the most fatal diseases is initially stress and anxiety.Stress is something which has occupied quite a lot of space in our day to day life. It is a characteristic feature of human beings to get stressed and feel anxious over flimsy things.

The best way dealing with anxiety or stress has to be meditation and concentration exercises. Along with it having a balanced diet and regular brainstorming over life and checking oneself for any psychological disorders , which quite common these days.

Live life like there is no tomorrow , focus only on the positives of life but don't ever think that there are no negatives, just keep those out of focus. One's mental health equally if not more important as their physical health is.

"Stress free life is The BEST life"