Friday, 30 December 2016

time management in school

Image result for time" Time waits for none"

We all are well versed with the importance of time and that it stops for nobody. In school life it is very essential for students to manage time effectively and smartly. Time management is very essential for everyone but specially for students because they are the ones who need to accomplish lots in least time .... they are the one who are on the most time crunch.
A student life is full with challenges and the most important challenge in my view is to manage his time so that he is not the person without any social life neither is the person who gets no work done; there some times prevails anxiety in them because they are overwhelmed by all they have to accomplish.
Image result for timeEvery student is in requirement to understand and prioritize their tasks accordingly, without missing out on anything . An old but very effective method is using some sort of planning system. Don't be afraid by the name of planning ,it is not something you should be worrying about it is just to help you with time management. 
Image result for timeThere are many ways you can plan. You just need to be sure about your priority at an instance. Students must know their ability that they will be able to complete a task within a time limit or not and manage their time accordingly.
As time waits for none we must try to invest our time in things which are essential first and then the extras.If a students time is well managed he will be able to concentrate on what he is doing rather than worrying about the the other things he needs to complete.
Therefore every student must give some attention in managing his time.