Friday, 10 June 2016

self confidence in school

self confidence is a fairly important part of your personality. people sometimes confuse it with ego or egoistic nature but that is a completely different aspect and has nothing do with your self can develop self confidence simply by accepting one's very own self as if you accept your own self with all the qualities and also the flaws will not only keep you from feeling inferior in any respect and this will for sure help you develop self confidence which will ultimately develop your personality. this can simply be achieved by not comparing oneself with anyone else and accepting the fact that everyone in this world is unique and different from each other.
self confidence is also not anything many times referred as attitude .... people who are less confident and who are self conscious often will tell who are have attitude when are simply self confident.these people have low self esteem.

self confidence is the only thing which will make you stand out in crowd . it will help you when you are required to do something in front of your fellow mates. lets consider an example : a girl has prepared all about a topic to give assessment on but when her teacher tells her to speak her ideas and thoughts in front of the whole class which consists of only her classmates and the teacher and no other persons. this shows she lacked confidence...

it is very easy to say to others "BE CONFIDENT" but when it comes to our own-selves we forget what we use to tell others and will certainly loose our confident.. even if you need it to only speak in front of the whole class. when in school self confidence is gonna be your best friend because your self confidence will get you through many situation in which no one but you yourself can help your own-self.

the easiest way to gain self confidence is by trusting yourself because you know  yourself better than anyone. so , HAVE YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE ALWAYS IN HAND WITH YOU FOR ALL SITUATIONS.