Thursday, 7 June 2018


Once or twice in every person's life there might have been situation when you just cant't get through it with an out-burst. There will be thousands of people who would criticize you on your in-ability to control your mind and emotions; but they are inconsiderate of the fact that they are not you ... all they know is just the incident they saw , nothing else , they are not at all aware of what was your state of mind , not even your closest person on this earth could tell your state of mind during an out-burst, because in actually the amount of burst outside is just the fraction of what is inside.

An out-burst , is essentially a irrational situation irrationally handled , in simple words , when you are unable to control your emotions from comming out either in form of words from your mouth or in form of tears rolling down your eyes..... it happens when you can't take it anymore.... when the lava inside your mind's volcano is full the result has to be an eruption.

The out-burst may had happened on the minutest topic or actually a big one..... may be something which seems trifle to others but is of hudge importance to you.... rather a simple thing could trigger your out-burst. In my view it usually happen with people who are less prone to public sharing or have sideof introvertness in them ... they don't trust peolple enough to share their problems.... they don't consider themselves to be good enough to get the sympathy or empathy of any persons.

Monday, 8 May 2017


In today's fast running world , being stressed is so common that even a student of preschool is stressed about his/her friends and marks. It is not new that in student's life stress is quite customary. maybe it is exams that gives them anxiety or some curricular tasks which make them tensed.

At present the world is changing and progressing with the speed of light, which has also increased competitions in all fields. A student of this generation has to compete from the very start, all these competition in turn leads to stress and anxiety; which are in no case good for a person's physical, psychological or sociological well being.

Medical science has shown how the major cause for some of the most fatal diseases is initially stress and anxiety.Stress is something which has occupied quite a lot of space in our day to day life. It is a characteristic feature of human beings to get stressed and feel anxious over flimsy things.

The best way dealing with anxiety or stress has to be meditation and concentration exercises. Along with it having a balanced diet and regular brainstorming over life and checking oneself for any psychological disorders , which quite common these days.

Live life like there is no tomorrow , focus only on the positives of life but don't ever think that there are no negatives, just keep those out of focus. One's mental health equally if not more important as their physical health is.

"Stress free life is The BEST life"

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Today , in this world people consider , being literate to be equivalent to being educated; which is not the case. A person may be knowing the alphabets , read many books or got degrees and diploma can not be said educated unless he has acquired knowledge and is awareness towards his society and surroundings.

People might say it as an insignificant thing to even consider talking about, but actually to be educated one need not get into high schools and universities ,rather just gain knowledge about a thing or things. 

Just as listening is different from hearing , law from justice or remembering from seeing , in the same way being literate is different from being educated.

Education is not just cramming over texts or passing examinations with good grades, it is about knowledge and how much a person can endure that knowledge in his daily life. Education does not end at being learned or being knowledgeable , it is something which shows through ones personality and actions.

A person holding couple of degrees and having good grades is for sure a literate person but those degrees and grades can not tell if he is also educated.


Friday, 30 December 2016

time management in school

Image result for time" Time waits for none"

We all are well versed with the importance of time and that it stops for nobody. In school life it is very essential for students to manage time effectively and smartly. Time management is very essential for everyone but specially for students because they are the ones who need to accomplish lots in least time .... they are the one who are on the most time crunch.
A student life is full with challenges and the most important challenge in my view is to manage his time so that he is not the person without any social life neither is the person who gets no work done; there some times prevails anxiety in them because they are overwhelmed by all they have to accomplish.
Image result for timeEvery student is in requirement to understand and prioritize their tasks accordingly, without missing out on anything . An old but very effective method is using some sort of planning system. Don't be afraid by the name of planning ,it is not something you should be worrying about it is just to help you with time management. 
Image result for timeThere are many ways you can plan. You just need to be sure about your priority at an instance. Students must know their ability that they will be able to complete a task within a time limit or not and manage their time accordingly.
As time waits for none we must try to invest our time in things which are essential first and then the extras.If a students time is well managed he will be able to concentrate on what he is doing rather than worrying about the the other things he needs to complete.
Therefore every student must give some attention in managing his time.

Friday, 10 June 2016

self confidence in school

self confidence is a fairly important part of your personality. people sometimes confuse it with ego or egoistic nature but that is a completely different aspect and has nothing do with your self can develop self confidence simply by accepting one's very own self as if you accept your own self with all the qualities and also the flaws will not only keep you from feeling inferior in any respect and this will for sure help you develop self confidence which will ultimately develop your personality. this can simply be achieved by not comparing oneself with anyone else and accepting the fact that everyone in this world is unique and different from each other.
self confidence is also not anything many times referred as attitude .... people who are less confident and who are self conscious often will tell who are have attitude when are simply self confident.these people have low self esteem.

self confidence is the only thing which will make you stand out in crowd . it will help you when you are required to do something in front of your fellow mates. lets consider an example : a girl has prepared all about a topic to give assessment on but when her teacher tells her to speak her ideas and thoughts in front of the whole class which consists of only her classmates and the teacher and no other persons. this shows she lacked confidence...

it is very easy to say to others "BE CONFIDENT" but when it comes to our own-selves we forget what we use to tell others and will certainly loose our confident.. even if you need it to only speak in front of the whole class. when in school self confidence is gonna be your best friend because your self confidence will get you through many situation in which no one but you yourself can help your own-self.

the easiest way to gain self confidence is by trusting yourself because you know  yourself better than anyone. so , HAVE YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE ALWAYS IN HAND WITH YOU FOR ALL SITUATIONS.  

Friday, 18 March 2016

JEALOUSY in school

Jealousy is very common in your life and specially in your school life because during that time people are just like modeling clay or liquid who can be shaped in any form. There could be many reasons for jealousy:

Jealousy in friendship:

We all face it or had faced it in our life , and you can't help it . It mostly happens  to much more involved and deep thinkers , and can not forget our most common over-thinkers. Commonly people feel jealous when their BFF has a friend or group of friend who is always taking her/him from them and they are not able to spent time with their BFF . And of the time these people are just assuming these things and it is not the reality .

Jealousy due to academics:

We all have that one friend in school who is unbelievably in academics , and we feel inferior to them and then ultimately there is the rise of jealousy. I feel some times this kind of jealousy is good until it reaches it's extreme. Because that could help you to reach a much higher level, but that happens only if you have your mind mostly under your control; which lets be honest is not the case when your in school.

Jealousy due to fame:

It is not necessary that you will be jealous to a celebrity kid in your school, it could basically be anyone. It could even be your best friend  Because the whole school know them her/him but not you , she/he is always given preference over you and others.

Jealousy due to nature:

This kind of jealousy is the one which you really can not help because it is your nature to be jealous of anything and everything.

Jealousy due to other people:

This could occur when your friend is being given attention from that specific person of whom you have  been trying to seek attention . The jealousy occurring could even crush your friendship and you would even start being mean to your friend.

Now, i would say all emotions are required in your life ,
so don't be disgust by jealousy because it is 
But you should always try to control it right away or else ,
it is capable of creating a great mess.